WSC managers union urge voters to kick FNM out

Water and Sewerage Management Union (WSMU) president Montgomery Miller yesterday called on Bahamians to get rid of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister and Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson during today’s general election.

“We have pointed out the gross mismanagement of the corporation,” Miller said.

“What I am calling for the Bahamian people to do is right that wrong. There is no way that the persons who currently occupy office should ever be returned to running the Water and Sewerage Corporation the way they have done. So, that’s plain and simple. The people need to do what is in their own interests.

“The persons that are leading this corporation now are not fit and proper to lead the corporation, so they need to be gone.” 

Miller said Bahamians taking the matter to the ballots today is “the only option”. 

He said every employee is subject to a performance evaluation.

“None of our employees that you see gathered around here are fearful of a performance evaluation,” Miller said.

“We are looking for fairness and we are looking for proper treatment. … It just so happens that in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, the performance evaluation takes place once every five years. For the workers of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, we say their performance has been poor, unacceptable, substandard and they are not worthy to be returned. It’s that simple.”

He said that in the past, whenever there was an issue with a WSC chairman or executive, the union would be able to make an appeal to the minister and the minister would intervene.

Miller said if that failed, an appeal would be made to the prime minister and the prime minister would step in.

“That has been the history of public corporations in this country,” he said.

“I will say to you that we, all of us, have made appeals to the chairman, to the minister, to the prime minister and the only thing that we can conclude is, as the minister himself said, they [think they] are doing a fantastic job.

“So, we call upon the Bahamian public. You make the choice. Have they done a fantastic job? I know for everyone here, we say, ‘No.’ They have to go.” 

Miller made the comments after it was revealed that 58 employees at WSC were promoted this month.

The promotions took effect on September 1.

An email to WSC employees, Rosita Adderley, administrative assistant, notes that the promotions were “directed by the offices of the executive chairman and general manager”.

The promotions ranged from accountants, clerks, supervisors, clerical officers, technicians, managers, foremen, engineers and servicemen.

Miller said there was no consultation about the promotions. 

He said there was also no “associated joint consideration of qualifications, performance, seniority and recommendation”.

“So, where does this place the corporation?” Miller asked.

“In the glare of the appearance of rank, favoritism on the one hand and victimization and abuse on the other.”

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