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You are a winner!

Firstly, I do sincerely hope and pray, that you my friend implicitly believe deep in your consciousness that as the title of this particular article puts it, you are a winner – yes, you are. In case there’s any doubt whatsoever in your mind, I suggest you get a copy of the book “Born To Win” written by Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward. I’m sure that’s available on Amazon, so order your copy today, you’ll be glad you did.

Now in the meantime, let me state as I have of course done repeatedly in the past, that you were in fact put on this earth by your Creator to be a winner. Firstly, the Creator made you in its image and likeness and filled you to capacity with an array of special and unique talents which once discovered, developed, refined and polished can take you literally anywhere you want to go – yes, they can. So, you my friend are fully equipped to be an outstanding winner in life.

So, one may ask, why is it that some people are winners in life, whilst others fail miserably? Well I believe there are two main reasons why some people make it in life, whilst others don’t. Number one – far too many have not been told from an early age that they are special creations filled with unique and special talents, and number two – there are those who in spite of the fact that they know how talented they are, they’re just bone idle and will not do the work necessary for them to actually become the winners in life which their Creator put them on this earth to actually become. Yes indeed, although you are a winner – born to win and fully equipped to do just that, some people are just bone idle.

Yes, my friend, as today’s title so correctly puts it, you are a winner, yes you are. However, you’ve got to really believe this in your heart and soul, and of course you’ve got to do the work required which will guarantee that you’ll be an outstanding winner in life. So in conclusion, get a copy of the book “Born To Win” and start to map out your future and you will become the winner God put you on Planet Earth to become – yes you will.

• Think about it!
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