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You are daily in partnership with God

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24

Our childhood days in Sunday School demanded that we learn and memorize Bible verses, as at some point and time you would be called upon to stand and recite them. Many times, the only verses that some knew were “Jesus wept and the Lord is my shepherd.”

We are now in the sixth month of the year, but the year is as a result of accumulated days. Our birthday is celebrated on the date of our birth which is one of the seven days and true to form our death will also be one of the seven days.

So, our text today is beaming into our minds the importance of a day, which many according to lifestyle have not the slightest value of it. Dr. Benjamin E. Mays in his poem as to the relevance of time in the bowels of a day, wrote, “I have only just a minute, Only sixty seconds in it. Forced upon me, can’t refuse it. Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it. But it’s up to me to use it. I must suffer if I lose it. Give account if I abuse it. Just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it.” But I ask why so many of us are so careless with the days of our lives. We just go about daily “rowing our boats of life merrily down the passage of time” as if life is just a dream!

Today dear readers, let us pay attention to all that is given to us. One day is measured in sequence of seconds into minutes, into hours, into days. It is time for wisdom and to put away deeds, thoughts and actions that would not bode well for us socially, morally, physically, financially, educationally or spiritually.

When I became the Member of Parliament for George Town and Ragged Island in 1987 a friend sent me words of encouragement from Roy Eugene Davis that I share with you today – your dreams, aspirations hope and salvation are all within a day.

“There are certain things we can do to enable us to remain centered and steady on the path. Daily attention to these practices will assist greatly in keeping us open to life and attuned to the activity of God.

Begin the day with thoughts of God. Every morning when you awaken, affirm that this is the day the Lord has provided, rejoice and be glad. Then mentally repeat this phrase several times a day until it floats in the background of your mind, always.

Meditate deeply. Regular meditation maintains a flow of super conscious influences into the mind, nervous system and body. Super conscious influences weaken negative drives and tendencies, and awaken the soul capacities

Offer the results of your work to God. No matter what you do, do it for God. Let your work be service to others and to the planet. Be inwardly thankful for the opportunity to give to life, for the opportunity to have fife flow through you.

See the divine nature in all people while relating to others. See through the personality and acknowledge the divine nature of every person. Mentally salute them and inwardly say, “The divinity within me acknowledges the divinity within you.”

Be relaxed and cheerful. You can be relaxed because you are in partnership with God. You can be cheerful because you are inwardly content, happy and in joyous anticipation.

Reach out to others. Lend a helping hand whenever you can. Help another person in a constructive way, with thoughts, words and deeds. The goodness of God flows through us to bless our world. Let this goodness flow.

End the day with thoughts of God. As you retire at the end of the day, let thoughts of God float in your mind. Feel close to God as you go to sleep. During the night you may have astral-like dreams, and should you awaken during the night you will experience meditative sleep.

Indeed. feel safe and rejoice for this day was definitely not made by man. The wisdom of God.

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