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You can always go home

I will arise and go to my father, and I will say to him, “Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son. Treat me as one of your hired servants.” – Luke 18-19

During Jesus’ ministry, most of his sermons were delivered in story-related fashion, as those who followed him mostly were the everyday people. They were attentive as he would liken the kingdom of God as a farmer, an employer, or the “bush doctor” who had unusual organic method of healing.

Then, he would take human behavior, no matter class or race, and speak about family relationship and what should be done in times of crisis. Parables, as these stories are called, are earthly examples with heavenly personification. Today, Jesus is telling a story about siblings. Many though they be, have different behavior patterns based on family lineage. Jacob was well aware of this and in making his last will and testament, called his sons at his bedside and bequeathed unto them according to their character.

The father in our text is a wealthy man with possession of cattle, land holdings and financial gain. He is also one who was mindful of taking care of his body, eating the right foods, drinking for the sustenance of wellness and all that adds to long life. The son, aware of all this, demanded of his father that he bequeath to him not at his death, but now, all that he is entitled to by way of inheritance. The father agreed and gave him his due.

Leaving, he traveled opposite to the direction of home. No one knew him there, but he was well received because he had a lot going for him. He was young, handsome and rich; the talk of the town. He wined and dined and took no thought of tomorrow. Like the way he left home, he operated in the now.

Like the journey of our sojourn here on planet Earth, each new day brings about the law of diminishing return, so likewise continuous spending brought about emptiness and a trip to the “pig pen” of life. What a “Humpty Dumpty” experience. But thanks be to God, unlike the fall of “Humpty Dumpty,” our brokenness, in the hands of the potter, can be mended and we return to our wall positions.

The son comes to himself in the midst of the pigs and realizes that home never moves; it is we that move away from home. He returns, is recognized, though tattered and torn, by his father, even in the distance, and is welcomed with newness and confession with forgiveness.

It does not matter how far you have distanced from family, friends, faith and values, there will come a time in our lives when we come to our senses and realize that we have traveled from the GPS of our lives! Our forgiving and merciful God is ever-ready to embrace us and invite us back into the fold.

Know today that it is the right time for you to return home.

The old gospel song, “I am so glad that our Father in heav’n” best puts it this way, “Though I forget Him and wander away, still He doth love me whenever I stray; Back to His dear loving arms would I flee, when I remember that Jesus loves me.” I am so glad.

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