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You’re responsible for your own destiny

Now I can guarantee that when some of my valued readers initially read the title of today’s article ‘You’re Responsible For Your Own Destiny’ they may get quite annoyed saying to themself or another “D. Paul doesn’t appreciate the fact, that I was born in a very poor part of town, which some would refer to as The Ghetto and my Parents didn’t have the money to send me to a decent school. I actually had to sleep on the floor with several of my Brothers, we didn’t have a whole lot to eat unless my dad managed to go fishing and caught a whole lot of fish, and of course I went to Government School. So how come you’re telling me here today, that I’m responsible for my own destiny D. Paul?”…..because it’s true My Friend.

There’s a very important line which I’d like you to get deeply imbedded in your consciousness and it goes like this “It’s not important what happens to you in life, but it is very important how you REACT to what happens to you, and you’re totally in control of your reactions, good or bad to any situation….yes you are!

You see, Dr. Myles Munroe was born in the exact circumstances which I just outlined and yet he went to Liberty University obtained two degrees, founded Bahamas Faith Ministries, wrote dozens of bestselling books and went on to be known and respected worldwide. I had the distinct pleasure of knowing Dr. Munroe and interviewing him for my ‘Success Files’ series on radio. Incidentally, you can listen to that interview by logging on to The Reilly Institute website and becoming a member of The Winner’s Club or The Gold Club. Just log on to www.dpaulreilly.com.

Yes indeed, as the title of today’s article puts it ‘You’re Responsible For Your Own Destiny’….yes you are. What happens to you in life is not really important; the important thing is how you react to your circumstances. You were ‘Born to Win’ by your Creator who packed you full to capacity with Unique and Special Talents with which to succeed. So stop complaining about your circumstances, get to work and become the outstanding success God put you on Planet Earth to become.

Visit my Website at: www.dpaulreilly.com

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